"For as long as I remain here, I want to open my eyes, gaze humbly, and await the image which my soul will make for me."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Wellness and Relaxation in Fiè allo Sciliar - Residence with Wellness Center

Dive into the world of wellness and relaxation here at Residence Wolfgang, with ample space and the elegant ambiance of water, fire and ice

Leave the stress of the everyday behind, and rejuvenate your energy in the wellness center at your vacation spot in Fiè allo Sciliar. A romantic steam bath, Finnish-style sauna, infrared sauna, hot tub/spa, solarium, tepidarium (warm room), ice baths, surround showers, waterbeds, and space to relax and enjoy the panorama pamper body, soul and spirit.


Solarium: Suntan in the cold season, too: a modern and high quality solarium promises a beneficially sun cure, in summer as well as in winter.

Water beds: Relaxing on warm waterbeds gives rest and new energy for forgetting the stress and the hectic rush and gentle melodies and tones invite you to let yourself go to a deep relaxation.

Relax: Come to retire into our elegant panoramic relaxation oasis. Here, gentle melodies and tones will invite you to a tranquil rest.

Tepidarium: Allow yourself to relax in tranquility in the tepidarium by a romantic fire.

Whirlpool: Immerge yourself into a million of whirling air and water bubbles. A straight light tinges the bathing water with alternating rainbow colors and 252 air water massage glands with variable pressure setting are positioned ergonomically and offer a bathing adventure from the neck to the feet.

Vital Corner: But our most important foodstuff is the water. In our Residence Wolfgang we are always endeavoured to offer you a high quality and natural water, because water means life. Our whole apartment house will offer you the possibility to enjoy the pleasant taste of the Grander Water.The special water vitalization with the technique of Johann Grander re-establishes the original inner structure of the mains water living it up with nature information. In this way we help to increase your wellbeing and the positive effect of the vitalized water on your body.

Infrarot Sauna: The sauna with infrared lamp is for your health and beauty. The beneficial infrared beams penetrating into the body give you the feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing: they purify the pores and strengthen therewith your skin, help to a healthy appearance and regenerate the cells. This sauna is recommendable in case of muscles pain, shoulders tenseness, pains in the back and neck.

Roman steam bath: Our relaxation oasis is Moorish styled. Smooth beaming warmth out of the walls in combination with natural aromas for the steam inhalation is the reason for your wellbeing. The temperature in this room is app. 45 degrees.

Finnish Sauna: The contrast between the dry heat, the air and the tingling coldness of the water is the center of the traditional Scandinavian care ritual. During the sauna use, the skin and the body are deeply cleansed, purged and regenerated. The temperature of the sauna reaches 90 degrees.

Bio Sauna: This gentle sauna variant with herbs of our mountain world or essential oils becomes more and more popular. The comfortable room climate and the pleasant warm temperatures of 65 degrees are suited for delicate natures, too. At the same time a colored light integrated in the ceiling, will immerse the room into a stimulating warm light. The cleansing process of the skin and the body are stimulated in a subtle wise and the reward of your sauna visit will be a feeling of a new vitality and a firm body.

Experience showers: Like a refreshing fall of rain, the tropical shower with warm soft big drops with color light and finest fragrances and the velvet cold fog stimulate the senses.

Ice cave: Tingly crystals over the face and body bring a refreshing wellbeing and stimulate the blood circulation.

Feel well: Feel well, breathe the fresh and clear air and enjoy the marvellous panoramic view. Relax and regenerate your body.

New: The indoor and outdoor pool of the wellness residence Wolfgang is a dream: spacious swimming pool (14 m long and 5,5 m wide) with 32°C water temperature in winter and 28°C in summer. Made of high-quality stainless steel filled with "Grander" water (integrated under water massage) and fantastic panorama views

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