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Mountain bike tours through the Sciliar Area - Mtb vacation in South Tyrol

Mountain biking on the diverse trails in Fiè allo Sciliar and on Alpe di Siusi near Residence Wolfgang

Mountain bike tours in Fiè allo Sciliar and the surrounding area are a real adventure for mountain biking enthusiasts here on vacation!
The trails around Altopiano dello Sciliar and on Alpe di Siusi are not practical for the casual cyclist because you will be riding up and down the mountain over very rough terrain, but expert mountain bikers are rewarded with breathtaking panoramas and spectacular downhill rides.

At Residence Wolfgang several bikes are available for our guests to borrow.

The lesurely tour

Directions: From Compatsch track no. 3 leads to Saltria. From there you head up to the left on a gravel track through a shady forest via the Malga Hartl dairy hut and via the Baita Sanon finally back down to Compatsch. The tour offers interesting views of the Sasso Lungo and the Sciliar region.

Starting point: Compatsch (Alpe di Siusi)
End/finish: Hartl Hut /Hut Sanon/ Compatsch
Altitude difference: 50 m
Duration: 2,5 hours
Difficulty: medium

The family tour

Directions: You start out in Compatsch and enjoy a leisurely ride on a flat road, turn off to the left just before reaching the Malga Ritsch and then pedal slightly uphill up to Hotel Icaro. You then continue along a slightly undulating route as fas as Sporthotel Sole. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view out across the Alpe di Siusi and the surrounding mountains. You return back to where you started out in Compatsch on the same route.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Hotel Icaro/Sporthotel Sonne/Compatsch
Altitude difference: 114 m
Duration: 1,5 hours
Difficulty: easy

Alpe di Siusi Deluxe

Directions: From Compatsch you head in the direction of Panorama to the ridge crossroads, turn left there and reach the Malga Gostner dairy hut via a gravel path, returning again to the starting point in Compatsch via path no. 3. A tour for pleasure seekers offering a wonderful panoramic view.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Gostner Hut/Compatsch
Altitude difference: 50 m
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: easy - medium


Directions: From the information office in Compatsch go on the forest street no. 7 to Panorama and then the "Schotterstraße" S (Baita Laurin) as far as Gumerdun (Malga Sattler) heading back by the same route.

Starting point: Castle of Presules
End/finish: Sattler hut/Compatsch
Altitude difference: 200 m
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: easy - medium,


Directions: You start out in Compatsch at an altitude of 1,840 m and ride on a asphalt road in the direction of Albergo Ritsch as far as Saltria. In Saltria you cross the Saltria stream on a gravel track and then ride past the valley station of the Florian ski lift towards Monte Pana. After approx. 8 km you will be back at an altitude of 1,820 m. You now turn off to the right towards Zallinger. The route is reasonably steep - half way up you will have to push your bike for a little while. At a height of approx. 2,100 m between Zallinger and the Florian mountain station you will reach the track which leads back to Saltria again. Just above the Tirler Mountain Inn you will cross over the Saltria stream and head down steeply to the left to the Rif. Molignon. Once you arrive here, you have completed the most difficult part of the tour - the last 5 km only feature 2 shorut inclines. You can descend briskly back down to where you started from.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Zallinger/Mahlknecht Hut/ Compatsch
Altitude difference: 254 m
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: medium - difficult


Directions: From Compatsch take track no. 76 via the ridge as far as the Rif. Molignon. From there a good but steep route leads up to the Rif. Alpe di Tires (2,440 m). The route down descends flanked by the strange jagged points of the Rosszähne ridge to Saltria (1,700 m); from there you will arrive in Compatsch after approx. 6 km. This tour guarantees mountain biking surrounded by sheer Dolomite peaks.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Mahlknecht Hut/Tierser Alpl/Compatsch
Altitude difference: 641 m
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: difficult

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