"For as long as I remain here, I want to open my eyes, gaze humbly, and await the image which my soul will make for me."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Hiking in the area of Fiè allo Sciliar

Discover the natural world heritage site through mountain tours, hiking and leisurely stolls through the impressive landscape of the Dolomites

A hike through Altopiano dello Sciliar, with its mountains, meadows, and villages is the best way to really get to know the area and the people. Foremost, the Alpe di Siusi offers hikers a wonderful place to spend their time hiking and strolling through the meadows enjoying the impressive view of the Dolomites.

Residence Wolfgang in Fiè allo Sciliar is the ideal place to start your hike, whether you plan to stay near or go far. Numerous well-posted hiking trails are open to our guests.

Our hiking tips: Hofer Alpl, Tuffalm, Tschafon, and the loop around Fiè allo Sciliar.

Footloose and Fancy-Free

Directions: From Compatsch you stroll leisurely along path no. 3 towards Hotel Steger-Dellai. Above the hotel you will see the Malga Gostner. If you then turn left on path no. 3, you will proceed to Malga Ritsch. Turn right at the point where the paths cross towards the Baita Sanon.

Starting point: Compatsch (Alpe di Siusi)
End/finish: Hut Gostner/Hut Sanon
Altitude difference: 50 m
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: easy

Between High-Altitude Meadows and Touring Mountain Peaks

Directions: From the bus stop in Saltria you follow path 9 to the Sporthotel Sole and then via the Baita Sanon back to Compatsch.

Starting point: Saltria
End/finish: Sole-Sanon/Compatsch
Altitude difference: 157 m
Duration: 2,5 hours
Difficulty: easy

Alpe di Siusi Sprint

Directions: Starting from Compatsch, you take the way via the ridge to the Alpenhotel Panorma. If you continue you get to the Baita Laurin and then to Spitzbühl, the starting point for paragliders. From there on path 10 you get to Compatsch, your starting point.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Panorama/Spitzbühl/Seelaus/ Compatsch
Altitude difference: 211 m
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: easy

Traces of the past

Directions: The ideal starting point for this “Oachner Höfeweg” walk is Castel Presule from where, following the indications, one reaches the final goal which is the small church of S. Caterina after a walk of about 5 hours. There are however numerous possibilities of shortening the walk leaving it or resuming it at any point or simply turning back. At an altitude of 500-700 meters the walk takes one mainly through meadows and pasture land, chestnut woods and deciduous woods and offers the most amazing view across to the Renon, of the Sciliar, Monte Cavone and of the Catinaccio.

Starting point: Castel Presule
End/finish: Church S.Caterina
Altitude difference: 200 m
Duration: from 2 to 5 hours
Difficulty: medium

Discovering the Mystery of the Sciliar Witches

Directions: From Compatsch you follow the A path and get to the Baita Arnika (2,061 m). You carry on to what are referred to as the "witches banks" (Hexenbänke), a fascinating and legendary viewing point. From there take the Puflatsch mountain path back to where you started in Compatsch.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Hut Arnika / Bullaccia
Altitude difference: 330 m
Duration: 2,5 hours
Difficulty: medium -difficult

At the foot of Sciliar and Sasso Lungo

Directions: From Compatsch take the 7-8 path over the ridge towards the Rif. Molignon and carry on to Rif. Zallinger (2,037 m). From there towards Tirler to Saltria and follow path no. 3 back to Compatsch.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Hut Molignon-Zallinger/Compatsch
Altitude difference: 254 m
Duration: 4,5 hours
Difficulty: medium-difficult

The geolologit's path

Directions: This natural and historical walk runs from Bagni di Razzes (1,212 m) via the Frötscher stream and paths no. 1 and 1/a to the Malga Prossliner (1,740 m). At the point where the paths cross you turn right towards the bottom of the Sciliar, and then you head through a belt of thick forest back to Bagni di Razzes.

Starting point: Bagni di Razzes
End/finish: Hut Prossliner-Sciliar/ Bagni di Razzes
Altitude difference: 528 m
Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: medium-difficult

Touching the Canopy of the Sky

Directions: The "Hochhinaus" ("Up, Up, and Away") Tour will take you so far up that you'll feel as though you could almost touch the canopy of the sky. When you start at the right time, you'll encounter grazing animals and woodchucks along the way.

Starting point: Saltria
End/finish: Zalliner-Hut. Sasso Piatto/Saltria
Altitude difference: 597 m
Duration: 4,5 hours
Difficulty: difficult

The Dolomites

Directions: You start off on the path marked no. 10 and then head via the Malga Saltner taking the "steep tourist track" marked as no. 1 to the Sciliar. From there path no. 4 leads to the Rifugio Alpe di Tires (2,440 m). Experienced walkers can also reach the rifugio via the "Maximilian climbing route". You can either descend back down to Compatsch taking the "Rosszahnscharte" (no. 2) or opt for the gravel track that leads down to Compatsch via the Rif. Molignon.

Starting point: Compatsch
End/finish: Alpe di Tires/Compatsch
Altitude difference: 641 m
Duration: 7 hours
Difficulty: difficult

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